My mixtape for

My mixtape for is a mixtape tournament of champions. On a regular basis, you are invited to submit the perfect mix focused on a theme. Playlists should have no more than 10 songs just like those burned mix CDs of old.


What is this? We use to love making special mixes for weekend road trips, campfires, BBQs, that special someone, and a whole host of other events. This is an homage to the process of making the perfect mixtape.

Why is this? We're currently all stuck at home for the 2020 C19 pandemic, so why not? Beyond that, this is going to be fun.

Why only 10 songs? Because CDs could only hold 10-12 songs and most albums dropped with 10. Also, like some other social media platforms, limits push creativity.

Why can't I listen to the whole song? Because using Spotify for free comes with limits, open the playlist in Spotify for maximum enjoyment.

Are you ever going to let us vote? Short answer: yes. Longer answer: eventually.

This is the coolest! Who made this? Well my wife designed it and I built it.

No no, really, this has changed my life. Cool. Really, we just meant this as a fun little thing to do while stuck at home. Maybe a trip down memory lane or 15 minutes combing through music will bring back a fond memory. We really hope you enjoy submitting and discovering music. Follow us on Instagram for announcements, info, and to see who else is dropping these sweet sweet mixtapes.